An Overview of Gardening Equipment

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Virtually all gardeners have some type of gardening equipment, since it is nearly impossible to have a garden without any. The kind of gardening equipment used, obviously depends on the size of your garden, time commitment, strength and capacity, and lastly, the amount of money you are willing to spend. Usually most gardeners do not indulge in expensive or high-tech gardening tools.

All gardeners essentially have some type of cultivating equipment whether they are hand held tools or of the more expensive power tools. The kind of gardening equipment you have often depends upon how serious of a gardener you are. Rakes, spading forks, shovels, diggers, and trowels are among some of the types of hand tool used in gardening. All of these tools are do not require much strength and are relatively easy to use in preparing the garden for planting. Other tools used for cultivating are wheel cultivators, pickaxes, and mattocks.

Power tools are more on the expensive side in price in comparison to hand tools. Even though power tools are more costly, they tend to cut down on hard labor. The tiller is the most essential piece of gardening equipment. Tillers get the ground ready for planting by breaking up the ground, chopping any debris, and helping to mix in fertilizer and compost.

A nice alternative to purchasing a tiller for those that do not wish to purchase one is the ability to rent one or hire someone to do the tilling for you. Among other very popular power tools are the chipper, garden shredder, and chain saw.

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Pruning tools are vital for those who have any types of hedges, small trees, or shrubs in the yard. Pruning shears tend to work well on branches up to a half-inch in diameter. On the other hand, lopping shears work well on branches ranging from a half inch in diameter to 2 inches. Pole pruners, due to the lengthy pole on can reach branches at distances as high as 15 feet. For those more serious about gardening, larger and heavier duty pruning tools are available, as hedge shears and pruning saws.

Since it does not rain on demand and plants need water to survive, gardening water equipment is important. Most things are optional, other than the water hose, which is a necessity. Some gardens find use sprinklers while others use drip irrigation hoses. Timers are an additional option for purchase with a little extra cash.

Gardening without the use of basic gardening equipment would be a total nightmare. Even those that enjoy getting a little dirty, while planting their flowers have basic gardening tools, like rakes or a hoe. Gardening equipment is as important as the dirt that grows the seeds and is essential to gardening.