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Essential to every gardener are home and garden tools, the perfect garden comes down to many things – everyone’s taste will be different, but having the correct selection of tools is essential. Whether that just be a spade or whether your garden is big enough to require more specialised tools. One tip for your apparatus is the upkeep of them. They will last you for many years but you must ensure that they are well maintained, stored in a dry place and not allow them to gather dust or become damp and rusty.

Choosing which tools you need can be difficult and time consuming – there are so many varieties and choices to make.

Some hints and tips are:

– Tools can be expensive and for this reason it is important that you chose only the tools that you need and do not waste money on equipment that you will never require.

– You will find that tools are generally cheaper in the Spring/Summer months – Look out for special offers in hardware stores etc!

– You do not need to visit a specialist shop – Many online shops or department stores have home & garden sections.

– Make a checklist of the tools you require so that you do buy something you do not need!

– Take a look at which tools you may already own & as long as they are not damaged – use them!

– Keeping your garden weed free will help keep down the need for extra tools to keep your garden looking neat and tidy.

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