Planting And Growing Strawberries In Mn?

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can strawberries be grown in mn? if so, does there have to be a certain type? where can i buy the best type of strawberries? **i only have a Wal-Mart, Fleet Farm, Landscape shop near by** when can i plant strawberries? (i am located in southern mn, so we are in out “planting” season; and it’s ‘Spring’ around here; a little wet but not to bad. where can i plant them? (like in the garden or green house?) how long does it take from them to grow? how do you pick them? how do you trim and weed them? how do i know when to “harvest” them? how many do i plant at a time? how many do i have in each row? how many inches apart from each other? do i have to do any multching? or plant them a certain way? any websites that would help!?!?!

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