Recommended Row Spacing Distance for ‘Rawit’ Chili Peppers

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Row spacing distance for your rawit chili pepper farming should be determined before planting. You have to make sure your tools and materials are ready. Most farmers in Indonesia use 1.2 m seedbeds with row spacing distance 80 cm or about 15-20 cm from the sides of the seedbeds and 50 cm between rows.

Make sure your row spacing distance suits your needs. If you want to do intercropping, then you have to widen your seedbeds. Agrofarming recommends row spacing distance 70-100 cm with 25 cm from seedbed sides.

chili plants
chili plants

Row spacing distance needs to be carefully determined because if the distance is not enough, your chili pepper plants will not get enough sunlight because they’re too close to one another or if the distance is too big, it would be a waste of land.

Another choice of row spacing distance is width 1.25 m with 0.5 m distance between rows and 0.8 m distance within rows. Some other farmers use the 1.5 m row spacing distance between rows with 1.0 m distance within rows.

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