Growing Raspberries

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Cultivating your own raspberries is not only very easy to do but you can also manage to save a lot of money when compared to buying these expensive fruit in the store.

Planting can be done up until March but generally October is the best month to begin planting. Most types of soil are suitable for raspberries, but a little preparation will pay dividends, especially because the plants may stay in the same position for 10 to 12 years.

To Start off first dig a row 30cm (1ft) deep by 1m (3ft) wide, working in as much well rotted compost as you can.

Where more than one row is being planted, allow about 1.7m (5ft) between each row in to allow room for the roots to spread freely and give room for you to harvest the crop in summer. Place the plants in the trench about 45cm (18in) apart, and cover the roots with soil 5cm (2in) above the existing soil mark on the stem. This will encourage more vigorous rooting and lead to healthier plants and fruit.

Autumn fruiting raspberries do not require very strong supports, and therefore do not need to be planted in rows. Simply devote an area of your garden to them and let them grow as they want. The plants will mostly support themselves with only the odd bit of help from some sticks placed in strategic positions.

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