Hints and Tips for Growing Geraniums in Your Garden

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either from seed or from cuttings can be an ideal choice for first-time home gardeners due to their great versatility. They are one of the most popular flowers around that are very easy to grow. Whether geraniums are planted outdoors or indoors, they will do well on their own or grown in arrangement with a group of complementing flowers.

The Majority of geraniums will grow to a height of 12 to 24 inches, though some varieties of geranium can reach an incredible height of five or even six feet.

You can start growing geraniums from the seeds. Geraniums can also be easily propagated through cutting young shoots and place them in moist soil for weeks to promote growth of the root.

The geranium plant produces five-petal flowers that bloom from the mid-summer season to the first frost. The colors of the flowers are usually a range of red, white, orange, purple, salmon and even a combination of two colors. Geraniums typically live up to 18 months.

To grow geraniums in the outdoor area, the plant would prefer an area ranging from partial shade to full sun. Partial shade for geraniums is usually recommended if you happen to be living in a country with a warmer climate.

A slightly dry soil is needed to plant geraniums; with sufficient water during dryer periods. Fertilizers then can be added once a month. Also, in order to enhance the health of the geranium plant, you may want to add compost and all-purpose fertilizer if the geraniums are planted in poor soil.

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As for houseplant geraniums, it is best to move them indoors when at the approach of winter. You can place them near a window where there is constant light from the sun shining in.

Growing Geraniums

When purchasing your plants look for plants with plenty of leaves as well as shoots growing from the base. Well cared for geraniums are usually trouble free and resistant to  most pests and diseases.

A preferable temperature for these houseplants would be anything below 70 degrees. Be careful not to over water your geranium plants and do allow the soil to dry out a little in between watering the plant. You can also fertilize them using a liquid fertilizer.