Hints & Tips On Growing Fuchsias

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Fuchsias are amongst the most popular of all the bedding plants for gardeners all over the world. There are quite literally hundreds of different types of fuchsias to choose from in a wide and wonderful range of colours, shapes and sizes.

Some types of fuchsias trail into cascades of blooms, while others make superb and colorful bushes, and most spectacular of all are the tree shaped standards trained on a single tall stem.

The dangling flowers, especially in the double forms are very glamorous and look particularly lovely against a haze of white or blue lobelia.

Fuchsias dislike hot scorching sun and are happiest in slightly shaded spots. Morning sun is fine but the really hot afternoon blazing sun can cause serious problems to the plant.

Taking cuttings from your mature fuchsias is a good investment as fuchsias are one of the more expensive bedding plants to buy. Start them off in a shaded spot and once they begin to grow strongly move them to a lighter position.

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