When And How To Plant Grass Seed

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When and how to plant grass seed – Early autumn is the best time to sow seed, spring is fine too but you’ll have to weed and water more while the grass is establishing.

Grass seed comes in a variety of mixes including those for hard wear (ideal for family lawns), for shade, and for the bowling green look. Wide leaved grasses are used for the harder wear, with very fine grasses reserved for purely ornamental lawns which need a great deal more care and attention.

How To Plant Grass Seed

– The most even way to sow is to use a machine from the garden centre or hire shop. Measure out the quantity of seed needed for the area exactly as described on the packet. Use half the seed to sow the area in one direction and the remainder at right angles to the first sowing to get an even coverage.

How To Plant Grass Seed – After sowing lightly rake the seed into the soil surface and water thoroughly using a sprinkler. If birds are likely to be a problem cover the area with fine mesh.

Germination should start in 7 – 21 days and it’s important to keep the plot watered in dry weather.

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