Robusta Coffee in Coffee Plantation in Liwa

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Coffee plants are still something that a lot of farmers like in horticulture plantation. Coffee beans selling price is quite expensive thus making it a nice and promising business prospect. In several areas in Indonesia like Gayo, Aceh and Liwa, Lampung, the number of coffee farmers are still growing.

When I visited West Lampung, or Liwa (Indonesia) to be exact, I could see hectares of coffee plantations and they usually belonged to one family or a group of farmers.

The variety of coffee that is most popular and widely planted in Liwa is robusta coffee because locals say that the taste is more intense than other varieties. On each harvest, they can get at least 20 tons of coffee beans per hectare depends on the weather, climate, and caring process.

Robusta Coffee
Robusta Coffee in Coffee Plantation in Liwa.

Even though robusta is the most popular choice in the area, some farmers do still plant Arabica ones because the prospect is also isn’t bad in the market.

After harvesting their coffee beans, farmers usually let them dry out naturally under the sun. They spread the beans out on cemented ground and let the sun do its work. After this process, some farmers pound their beans manually using pestle. After, they roast their beans and get them to change color to black. Those roasted coffee beans then will be ground using a machine to get nice, fine coffee grounds.

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