When to Move Your Chili Seeds

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Sowing is the second step to chili farming after you decide the variety of chili you want to farm. You can get your seeds by buying them from horticultural shops or directly getting them from the previous harvest’s sun-dried chili seeds.

Sowing happens after you’ve finished with your land preparation. Land preparation includes determining the ratio of land to the amount of seeds you want to sow. The recommended form of land is in the form of seedbeds.

After you are done with your seedbeds, don’t forget to cover your seedbeds with a mix of fine clay and cattle manure before you naturally sprinkle your chili seeds on them. When this is all said and done, water regularly every morning and late afternoon.

Your chili seeds will have germinated after about 4 days. At this point, you have to care for your crops intensively and pay them extra attention.

Harvest-Ready Chili Crops
Harvest-Ready Chili Crops

The caring of chili crops includes many things like continuous watch over crops’ height, formation of roots, stems, and plumulas. Don’t forget to keep an eye on possible pest and disease attack. Keep this kind of close attention until your crops are at least 20 days old.

After your crops have reached the 20 days mark, you may plant your seedlings on mulched seedbeds or in polybag pots, depending on your needs.

Make sure your open aired seedbed area gets enough sun light all day long and are safe from herbivores.

The next step would be to care for your crops until they mature and are ready for harvest. Harvest usually happens after 4 months but this is not a fixed point, it all depends on how well you care for your crops.

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As an option for you, the sterile pro sowing technique can be your choice of sowing method. After 4 days, you move your seedlings to small transparent polybags until day 24, and then move them on to seedbeds or your choice of land preparation.

I hope this information is useful for you in any way you need. Good luck!