Intercropping Combinations

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I’ve taken the liberty of combining the intercropping with a tradition approach called companion planting for simplicity sake. I believe in keeping it simple. Companion planting in my opinion is not an exact science, but it points to some very interesting combinations and many oraganic gardeners swear by it.

The table below was compiled from traditional literature on companion planting, which to me is intercropping.

Crop Intercrop With
Asparagus Tomato, Parsley, Basil
Bush Beans Potato, Cucumber, Corn, Strawberry, Celery, Summer Savory
Pole Beans Corn, Summer Savory, Radish
Cabbage Family Aromatic Herbs, Celery, Beets, Onion Family, Chamomile, Spinach,Chard
Carrots Radishes, Lettuce, Rosemary, Onion Family, Sage, Tomato
Celery Onion, Cabbage Families, Tomato, Bush Beans, Nasturtium
Corn Potato, Beans, Pumpkins, Cucumber, Squash
Eggplant Beans, Marigold
Lettuce Carrots, Radish, Strawberry, Cucumber
Onion Family Beets, Carrots, Lettuce, Cabbage Family, Summer Savory
Parsley Tomato, Asparagus
Potato Beans, Corn, Cabbage Family, Marigolds, Horseradish
Pumpkins Beans, Corn, Marigold
Radish Carrots, Nasturtium, Lettuce, Cucumber
Spinach Strawberry, Beans
Squash Nasturtium, Corn, Marigold
Tomato Onion Family, Nasturtium, Marigold, Asparagus, Carrots, Parsley,Cucumber
Turnip Aromatic Herbs, Celery, Beets, Onion Family, Chamomile, Spinach,Chard
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