Pros and Cons of Transplant for Plants

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Plant transplant is one of the artificial vegetative reproduction methods for plants. This way, reproduction can be done in such a short time.

Transplant procedure must be done precisely as planned. You should also consider the age of the plant you want to transplant. Plants to transplant must be at least 2 years in age so their stems are wide and strong enough with optimum growth (cambium and pith are enough) for transplant.

Transplanted Orange Trees
Transplanted Orange Trees 

Not all plants can be transplanted. Transplants can only happen on dicotyledonous plants because they have cambium in their stems, unlike the monocotyledonous plants with fibrous roots. For example: mango, rambutan, guava, water apple, durian, clove, longan, amra, sapodilla, etc.

  1. Pros of Plant Transplant
  • Transplanted plants fruit faster with harvest sometimes twice as much as the parent plant
  • Similarities with parent plant with same genetic factors being passed from parent plant
  • Fruit produce and quality is the same as parent plant
  • Isn’t too vulnerable faced with pests and diseases
  • High success rate
  • Cheaper and easier
  • Continuous for future transplant uses

Cons of Plant Transplant

When being moved to open land, your plant will be very sensitive to weather changes thus making your transplanted plants have to adapt quickly

  • Transplanted plants are easy to collapse because of strong wind of heavy rain. The solution would be to use pole markers.
  • The crown of the parent plant is usually easily damaged because a lot of the stems is cut off
  • It’s quite hard to survive prolonged dry season. You can deal with this by using coir instead of plastic in transplanting because it’s easier to water.
  • Some transplanted plants will have the diseases had by the parent plant, so make sure to pick healthy parent plant
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So that’s all the information you need to consider before you try transplanting your plants. Good luck.