Pros and Cons of Transplanted Longan Trees

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Longan is one of the most favorite types of horticulture fruit to farm in Indonesia lately. Longan farming that results in fruitful harvest can sometimes be difficult to achieve due to unstable weather and climate.

However, this can be done through artificial vegetative reproduction which is stem transplant. Your local agricultural shops will have a wide choice of longan seeds and as a beginner, you should try buying ones from a transplant.

Fruitful Transplanted Longan Trees
Fruitful Transplanted Longan Trees

Here are some pros on why you should get transplanted longan trees as your starters:

  • Your tree will bear fruit faster
  • High planting time efficiency
  • You can plant it directly with certain manure organic fertilizer mixed with planting medium
  • Less chance of getting unproductive seeds through generative process
  • If you get the transplant from a highly productive tree, you will most likely get the same result

However, here are some cons:

  • If you don’t do the care even a little bit correctly, your longan tree will die quickly
  • Your longan tree will be susceptible to collapse due to strong wind and heavy rain
  • Longan trees don’t like dry soil so you have to pay extra attention in keeping your soil humid with enough water accumulation
  • Some sellers put a very high price on transplanted longan tree seedlings so make sure to research the price range before you buy any
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