15 Benefits of Intercropping System

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The benefits of intercropping system are:

1. Better utilization growth resources like light, nutrients and moisture.
2. Economy in space and time.
3. Suppression of weeds.
4. Serves as insurance against failure of any one of the component crops.
5. Reduces soil crust formation.
6. Improves soil fertility.
7. Ecological stability.
8. Controlling of soil erosion.
9. Serves as physical support or shading to some crops.
10. Additional yield from unit area.
11. Additional income.
12. Provides farmer’s daily needs.
13. Provides employment and distribution of labour.
14. Cultivation practices for main crop supplement the requirement of companion crop.
15. Control of pests and diseases.

Benefits of Intercropping System
Benefits of Intercropping System
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