20 Double cropping in a sentence

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1 A better anti-blocking capability of no-tillage planter in double cropping area has become one key factor of production efficiency and seeding quality.
2 In comparison with single cropping, double cropping gave significant biomass and economic yields.
3 The unit area value of double cropping, row cropping was 1.76 and 1.35 times of sole cropping.
4 The double cropping region is main grain producing area accounting for 53. 2% of the total output in China.
5 Field experiments were conducted in double cropping rice field during 2005 – 2006 to study the effects of different tillage methods on the changes of rice growth, its yield and soil fertility.
6 Wheat-Maize double cropping system played a very important role in agriculture production in North China Plain, but the traditional tillage method has hindered sustainable agricultural development.
7 Step up double cropping and livestock-crop integration.
8 South western China: single cropping and double cropping crisscross cultivated region.
Double cropping to increase yield is not possible without reliable access to water supply.
10 Balance and adjustment of soil organic matter and nutrients under intensive wheat rice double croppingwere studied in Lixiahe region of Jiangsu Province.
11 The crop K uptakes in northwestern China were general higher and the double cropping under north-central China showed much higher annual crop K uptakes than the single crop in northeastern China.
12 Chilling in May causes damages on early rice in the double cropping system.
13 Losing irrigation water may mean either abandoning land or less double cropping.
14 In the model, the leaf area index (LAI), crop coefficients,[sentencedict.com] and root penetration and distribution were simulated for the winter wheat and summer corn double cropping system.
15 The winter wheat yield, which is affected by tillage pattern, variety, seed amount and seeding time, was investigated under wheat-maize double cropping system in the North China Plain.
16 Based on these results, anew concept of dynamic plant type structure for South China double croppingsuper rice breeding was suggested.
17 It is suitable to popularize in the area of medium or high altitude and double cropping of rice.
18 Balance and adjustment of soil organic matter and nutrients under wheat rice double cropping with super high yields were studied in Lixiahe region of Jiangsu province.
19 With pot culture experiment,[www.Sentencedict.com] the effect of city sewage irrigation on crop yield and soil quality in the double cropping system of wheat and summer millet was studied.
20 Zhongmian 16 is a new cotton variety with higher and constant yield, which is suitable for cotton-wheat double cropping system.
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