Ratooning Crop in Banana

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Ratoon cropping simply means the second and subsequent crop from the suckers.This practice is seen in banana and sugar cane crops. The cost of cultivation is much less and yield some times is better. In banana of late we are finding it difficult to manage this second crop due to build up the vector (insect) load leading to spread of virus diseases, similarly fungi spore load also increases. hence plant protection becomes important. Depending on this yield is expected.

Keeping the field and neighborhood free of weeds generally is advised to avoid spread of infestations. Though the TC plants, which are supplied are healthy and virus free, field contamination can be avoided only by keeping the generally field free of weeds.Ratoon management is important for sustained income.In a place like Theni, three ratoons have been done in 24-25 months. Once the flowers emerge and all the fruits have fully opened, the bunches are covered using a skirting bag which prevents the tender fruits from insect attack, besides maintaining uniform temperature inside.This is important for colour and fruit development.


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