10 Advantages and Disadvantages of Localized Irrigation Systems

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In this type the water is applied in the area occupied by the roots of the plants, forming a wet circle or wet band . This technique is very used in the present day, being very applied in the production of fruit . The two basic systems in localized irrigation are micro sprinkler and drip irrigation.

Localized Irrigation

Benefits/Advantages/Pros of Localized Irrigation Systems :

  • Low cost of labor and energy;
  • Simple
  • High application efficiency , as water is applied directly to the root, few losses by evaporation occur;
  • Efficiency and efficiency in the application of fertilizers , with fertigation ;
  • Great adaptation to different types of soil ;
  • Keeps the soil evenly moist and oxygen free.
  • Wind and slope do not limit irrigation;

Disadvantages/Cons/Drawbacks of Localized Irrigation Systems:

  • High initial cost due to large quantity of pipes;
  • Very sensitive to clogging of water outlet holes;
  • Decreased root depth , due to the constant availability of water, this can decrease plant stability.
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