22 Advantages and Disadvantages of Rain gun Irrigation Systems

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Rain guns provide a promising possibility for sprinkling of small and large holdings in a short time. The Advantages/Benefits/Pros of Rain gun irrigation systems are many:

  1. Highly energy efficient, Long lasting and trouble free
  2. Since the jet sprinkles over a large area, it avoids the setting up a large number of smaller jets.
  3. Reduces labour cost, because the pipeline within the estate is minimized so also the number of jets.
  4. The precipitation varies with the nozzle size, but unlike conventional jets, overlapping is not necessary.
  5. This reduces the time required for irrigation as well as the savings on diesel.
  6. Time is the essence in Robusta sprinkling and in the eventuality of an insufficient natural rain, more are can be covered with the help of these jets.
  7. The jets are rugged and only require periodic greasing. Ease of installation, assembly and maintenance
  8. The trajectory of the throw of water is such that the damage to pepper vines is negligible.
  9. Part circle adjustments, saves water from going into neighboring plantations.
  10. Fine droplet adjustment, like mist is helpful in creating a microclimate, desirous for Robusta flowering.
  11. The jet is made up of Aluminum die-casting and as such, it is finely balanced.
  12. A gear inside the jet ensures the smooth operation of the gun.
  13. The pressure with which the jet operates is low because of the gearbox mechanisms.
  14. Ideally suited for sprinkling newly cleared areas.
  15. The backup of good after sales and service.
  16. Rain gun irrigation results in improved efficiency compared to conventional sprinklers and provides for surplus irrigation water for subsequent backing showers.
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Advantages and Disadvantages of Rain gun Irrigation Systems

Disadvantages/Cons/Drawbacks of Rain gun irrigation systems are:

  1. large numbers of trees make it difficult to sprinkle uniformly.
  2. The rain gun and the raiser pipes are very heavy.
  3. High day time temperatures result in evaporation loss.
  4. Not suitable in areas with high velocity Winds.
  5. Prohibitive cost of rain guns.
  6. Repairs by qualified personnel