6 Advantages of Drip Irrigation Systems

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Very generally, can be defined as drip irrigation located. Drip irrigation is an irrigation method that allows optimum application of water and fertilizers in farming systems in arid areas. The water applied directly infiltrates into the soil irrigating the root zone influence through a piping system and emitters.

6 Advantages of Drip Irrigation Systems

6 Advantages of drip irrigation systems are:

  • Significantly reduces evaporation of soil water.
  • Allows fully automated irrigation system, with consequent savings in labor. Controlling the rate of application is easier and complete.
  • Due to maintaining high humidity in the bulb, allows the use of more saline waters for irrigation systems irrigation and sprinkler surface.
  • Have an easier adjustment on uneven, rocky or steep terrain.
  • Reduce the proliferation of weeds in non-irrigated areas.
  • Allows controlled nutrients without irrigation water lost by leaching with possibility to modify at any time the crop input, ie it is the system most suited to the FERTIGATION.


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