3 Types of Furrow Irrigation Systems

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Following are the different types of furrow irrigation system:

  • Straight furrow method of irrigation: This method is practiced in flat lands.
  • Contour furrow method of irrigation: This method is practiced in sloping land in which the direction of flow is across a slope rather than down slope. The furrows are laid out with a gentle uniform grade to carry the irrigation streams.
  • Corrugated furrow irrigation: Corrugations are small furrows which are used for close growing crops such as beet, cabbage, cauliflower, turnip, etc. In this system more and smaller furrows are utilized and crop rows are not necessarily related to the irrigation furrows. The size and spacing of corrugation vary with the soil. The corrugation should be more closely spaced, generally 45 to 90cm.
Furrow method of irrigation
Furrow method of irrigation systems
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