6 Advantages and Disadvantages of Ring Basin Irrigation Systems

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Ring basin irrigation method is especially suitable for fruit and vegetable crops. A basin is made around the stump of the plant at a distance of about 30 -60 cm which may be square, rectangular or circular in shape. The individual plant or plant grown in pit is irrigated by this method. The soil around the plant is soaked with irrigation water and not the entire land. Generally ring basin is used for irrigating fruit trees. The basin is connected with irrigation channels for receiving water.

Ring Basin Irrigation Method
Ring Basin Irrigation Method

Advantages of ring basin irrigation:

  1. It is a good method for irrigating orchard plants and also for all types of soil.
  2. It is an efficient method in the use of water.
  3. This method economic the water considerably.

Disadvantages of ring basin irrigation:

  1. Initial cost for preparing basin is high.
  2. This method is not suitable for irrigating field crops and some orchard plants such as banana, papaya, pineapple etc.
  3. All plants do not get same amount of water.
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