2 Types of Modern Methods of Irrigation Systems

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These are more efficient systems of irrigation that were invented in the recent decades. These help us use water economically without wastage. Let us take a look at the two most important methods.

1. Drip System of Irrigation

The most commonly used method of irrigation these days is the drip method. They lay the pipes in rows near the crops or plants. These plastic pipes have holes in them. Water seeps from these holes drop by drop, hence the name drip irrigation. This is an extremely efficient method of irrigation as it reduces water wastage.

2. Sprinkler System

This system mimics the phenomenon of rain. Water is carried by pipes to central locations on the farm. Sprinklers placed here distribute the water across the fields. This is the most efficient method to irrigate the uneven land. Sprinkler system also provides the best coverage regardless of the size of the farm.

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