Define, Advantages and Disadvantages of Dhekli Irrigation Systems

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Dhekli is a type of irrigation where the farmers take a bucket from a well and pour it into pipes that lead to the end of the field and hence irrigate it. In the dekhli system, you use ropes and a container to get water from a well and use it to irrigate the land – it is a typical traditional system.

Farmers and ranchers have long used irrigation as a system to grow cropsthat need more rain than the area being farmed can provide. The dhekli irrigation system uses ropes and a container to get water from a well for irrigation purposes.

Irrigation is the process of applying water to the land. It is used to help grow all kinds of plants and agricultural crops as well as to maintain landscaping during periods when the normal rainfall of the region is not enough to sustain crops or grass. Irrigation has other uses such as the disposal of sewage, suppression of dust, along with applications in mining.

Advantages of Dhekli irrigation
Advantages of Dhekli irrigation

The practice of irrigation can be traced back thousands of years to the Egyptians, who would divert the Nile River with crude canals to water their crops. There is even archeological evidence that an Egyptian pharaoh used irrigation to store water in a natural lake. One of the ancient methods used that is still practiced today involves a network of vertical wells that are directly to their destination with gently sloping tunnels bored into the sides of mountains and steep hills to tap rainwater.

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Today, many yards especially in the south have irrigation systems of one kind or another to keep the grass green. Most are simply sprinkler systems that attempt to spray water about the property in an even manner. Keeping grass growing in a yard prevents erosion of the top soil and makes a yard look much more appealing. Some modern irrigation systems include automatic non-electronic systems using buckets and ropes much like the dhekli irrigation system and using water condensed from humid air can be done in the countryside. Sources of irrigation water include springs and wells and may also include rivers, streams, and lakes. As long as cropsneed to be grown, methods of irrigation will always be needed to ensure the crops get enough water to grow.