What Is Rahat Of Irrigation Systems?

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Rahat is an system of irrigation where it is followed by the villagers and by this method no water is wasted. It is a system like chain pump but instead of pump a bull is used.  It is also known as Persian Wheel. This is an Urdu word and the method is also internationally known as the Persian wheel. It involves the use of two large wheels joined by a belt, on which a number of water pots collect water from underground. The wheel is traditionally turned by large animals such as oxen.

The first thing is the word rahat is pro. As rehat. An animal is used to rotate an axil. This axil is connected to gears,and those gears are connected with a circle object. The circular object is present near the water and another near the land surface. Chains with pots are connected with the chain. When the animal rotates the gears and the the circular object rotates and makes the chain with the pots rotate.

Lever irrigation method or rahat irrigation system, is a very economical and efficient method of lifting water from shallow wells to a height of 3.5 to 4.5m. The lift consists of a strong log laid across a fulcrum, a bucket attached to the long arm by means of a bamboo or a rope and a heavy weight attached to the other side of the log.

Rahat Of Irrigation Systems
Rahat Of Irrigation Systems

When the bucket is full one person gently releases the rope and the bucket comes up as the stone goes down. The bucket is emptied into the field channel and again lowered into the wells.

The Rahat system of irrigation was used in older times as a way to get water from a well by using oxen which was primarily used in the subcontinent.

Rahat is a slightly different irrigation system than others. Before being able to explain how it works, it is necessary to consider what irrigation is. Irrigation is the science of getting water to the land or soil by artificial means. In other words, it does not rely on rain or water that is already running under the ground. The water is necessary to aid in crop growth. This is why water needs to be consistent when it comes to the crops.

To have water spread out over the fields, it was necessary to form some type of water collection system. In some cases a moat has been used to collect water that was then taken directly to the fields via buckets and placed over the crops. In other forms wells were used to keep water contained to draw on it.

The Rahat System of irrigation requires a large well in which a wheel is used. The wheel is turned by oxen, buffalo or cows to get the water out of the well and then spread out over the crops.

Modern day irrigation lays pipes in the ground so that the water is spread over crops when a valve is turned and the water is allowed to flow. In the Rahat System, the oxen were used to make the water flow into buckets that could then be dumped evenly over the crops.

It was primarily used in the subcontinent in places like Africa and the Middle East. It is still used by some tribes, but for the most part other modern techniques are used.