The Definition and Examples of Monoculture Farming System

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Monoculture farming is an agricultural method that involves planting one species of crop on the same piece of land repeatedly. Due to its implementation, farmers can yield large harvests with minimum utilization of resources. The ritual of growing the same crop for many successive years is known as crop monoculture. For example, in monoculture farming, rice will be grown only with rice, particular type of potato will be cultivated only with that type. In monoculture, same crop is grown in the same land year after year. The main purpose behind monoculture farming is to maximize the output and minimize labor required.

The term monoculture or this technique is not just restricted to agriculture, it can be applied in other fields too. For example, raising one particular type of livestock on a farm, also in the field of computer science, wherein a group of computers are running the same software. It is extensively used in the field of farming, but other than that, it is adopted in forestry too. Same species of trees are planted in a particular area.

Definition and Examples of Monoculture Farming
Definition and Examples of Monoculture Farming

Examples of monoculture crops include cornwheatriceclovercotton. It also includes tea, coffee, different types of fruits, and rubber trees. Experts are of the view that monoculture farming is more of a curse than boon, particularly after the Irish Potato Famine of 1845. Along with its added benefits over traditional farming, it comes with its own set of dangers and risks. Let us take a closer look at each of them.

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