9 Advantages and Disadvantages of Zig-Zag Irrigation Method

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In this method, the agricultural area is sub-divided into small plots by low bunds in a zig-zag manner. The water is supplied to the plots from the field channel through the openings. The water flows in a zig-zag way to cover the entire area. When the desired depth is attained, the opening are closed.

Advantages of zig-zag irrigation:

  • Efficiency is higher;
  • Labor cost is less;
  • Erosion of soil is avoided or controlled;
  • It’s possible to apply water uniformly;
  • Irrigation of water better controlled;
  • Fertilizers can be uniformly applied by mixing with water.

Disadvantages of zig-zag irrigation:

  • The method is only suitable for row crops.
  • Irrigation cost is higher as it involves much labour.
  • More time is required for irrigation.


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