The Merits and Demerits of Irrigation Systems

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Following are the important benefits of irrigation.

Merits of irrigation:

  1. During the period of low rainfall or drought, yield of crops may increased or remains same, due to irrigation system.
  2. The food production of a country can be improved by ensuring the growth of crops. This helps a country to prevent famine situation.
  3. Securing increased agricultural production and thus improving the nutrition of the population.
  4. Irrigation helps to improve the cultivation of cash crops like vegetables, fruits, tobaccos, sugar cane.
  5. In some river valley projects, multi purpose reservoirs are formed by constructing high dams. At these river valleys, hydro electric power may be generated.
  6. Retention of water in reservoirs and possible multi purpose use thereof.
  7. Irrigation canal may be the source of water supply for domestic and industrial purposes.
  8. The reservoirs and canals can be utilized for the development of the fisher project.
  9. Culturing the area, increasing the social and cultural level of the population.
  10. Recreation facilities in irrigation canals and reservoirs.
  11. Increases employment by providing jobs to people.
  12. Improvement of the micro climate. Possibility provided for waste water use and disposal.
  13. Improvement of water regime of the irrigated soils.
The merits of Irrigation Systems
The merits of Irrigation Systems

DeMerits of irrigation:

  1. Danger of water logging and salination of soils.
  2. It may change properties of water in reservoirs due to waste water use and disposal.
  3. Deforestation of area is to be done which is to be irrigated. With it, change of water regime in the area.
  4. Possible spread of diseases from certain types of surface irrigation.
  5. Danger of pollution of water resources by return run off from irrigation.
  6. New diseases caused by retention of waste water in large reservoirs.
  7. Due to excessive irrigation, climate becomes damp and cold. Thus humidity increases, which is not good for health.
  8. Careless irrigatio may lead to retention of water and create places for breeding of mosquitos.
  9. Excess of irrigation may result in raising the sub soil water table and lead to water logging of the area.
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