The Pros and Cons of Subsurface Irrigation Systems

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Subsurface irrigation systems is growing in importance today. It provides numerous opportunities for large scale and small growers alike. Take a look at some of the reported benefits or advantages of subsurface irrigation systems:

• There is an immediate reduction in costs simply because there is no need for a worker to water plants since the subsurface irrigation waters automatically.

• Subsurface irrigation systems can free up above ground space. This can increase the amount of crops produced and less equipment required. It costs less to water plants more fully. Less water is lost in the process and there’s no run-off.

• Crops grown in these conditions may grow more uniformly. The water is evenly distributed across all plants, improving overall growth level. More so, there is less of a need for fertilizer use, which is both good for the environment and for budgeting.

• With less water remaining on the leaves, there is a lowered risk of excessive moisture damage.

In addition to these benefits, subsurface irrigation can be an eco-friendly move. It allows growers to better manage resources and reduces overall mechanical use. Additionally, the use of these systems can help to reduce the need for fertilizer. Used within a greenhouse or outdoors, subsurface irrigation is not complex but it does require a properly designed system for the unique aspects of the project. Overall, subsurface irrigation provides a clear opportunity for most applications.

Pros and Cons of Subsurface Irrigation Systems
Pros and Cons of Subsurface Irrigation Systems

Disadvantages Subsurface Irrigation Systems:

  • Driving vehicles over a subsurface irrigation system will likely damage piping.
  • Wind obstructions may be necessary with a subsurface irrigation system to prevent off-site air transportation of effluent.
  • Storage facilities for effluent must exist for extended periods of time when the ground for subsurface irrigation systems is wet or frozen.
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