24 Advantages and Disadvantages of Technology in Agriculture

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Monoculture Farming

The Advantages/Pros/Benefits of Technology in Agriculture:

  • Modern machines can control the efforts of farmers.
  • They reduce the time.
  • Used supply water to the crops.
  • While Machines are useful in sowing the seeds.
  • they are used in the transportation.
  • Irrigational technology.
  • Application of synthetic fertilizers.
  • Chemical pest control.
  • They increase the price and demand of the products.
  • Better marketing and exposure to the price.
  • Facilities in online trading and E-Commerce.
  • Further, Improve the fertility of the soil.
  • Decrease the use of water, Fertilizers which keeps the prices down.
  • Low run of chemicals and also waste materials into seas and water.
  • Reduce impact on the ecosystem.
  • Suitable for the campus environment.

The Disadvantages/Cons/Benefit of Technology in Agriculture:

  • The excessive use of chemicals by the help of machines reduces the fertility of the land.
  • Lack of practical knowledge the farmers cant handle the machines properly.
  • While the cost of maintenance is very high.
  • Overuse of machines may lead to environmental damage.
  • It is efficient but has many side effects and drawbacks.
  • Furthermore, Driverless agriculture machine is a liability to access the technology.
  • Improve the scouting programmes.
  • The robotic machine could not change their culture, we have to set their programme manually.
  • Most of the farmers are illiterates so they are unable to use the modern machines.

These are the different aspects of the Advantages of Techniques in Agriculture. Since you now have learned the advantages and disadvantages of Technologies and Techniques in Agriculture, you can use them on your farm.

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