5 Disadvantages of Lateral Move Irrigation Systems

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The disadvantages/cons of lateral move irrigation systems are:

1. Cost:

The systems have a relatively high capital cost compared to surface irrigation systems, unless substantial landforming is required for optimum performance of the surface system. The running costs can also be significant and need to be evaluated during the design process.

5 Disadvantages of Lateral Move Irrigation Systems

2. Energy requirements:

These systems require some form of energy source (electric or diesel) to operate.

3. Water quality:

Water may need to be filtered before use to prevent system blockages with sediments. Poor water quality can affect longevity of irrigation infrastructure.

4. One disadvantage of center lateral move irrigation system is that a circular field leaves a lot of unused space.

5. Skill requirement:

Operation and maintenance of these systems will require different skills to those required for surface irrigation systems.

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