Fascinating Insect (Getting Bee Pollen)

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To keep the bees can be a fascinating hobby, or a full-time occupation and to business. You may want to keep bees for the nice fresh honey that they produce, for the benefits of their valuable services as pollinators, or simply for the enjoyment of learning more about one of most interesting insects naturally.

Many people can keep bees. Honey bees normally only use sting to defend themselves or their colony; when colonies are handled properly and precautions are taken.Their stinging is not a big problem. Manybeekeepers develop a tolerance for bee venom over time and have reduced sensitivity to pain and swelling. But a few people who react strongly to bee stings and pollen or who are unable to get over fears of stings should avoid contact with bees.

Fascinating insect
Fascinating insect (Getting bee pollen)

Beekeeping is generally considered a minor industry. Because of its interrelationship with agriculture and dependency of growers of several commodities on honey bee pollination, beekeeping is much more important than merely the value of the beeswax and honey produced purely. We can help you to learn beekeeping—understanding honey bee biology, getting started, making hive,managing bee colonies for fun and/or profit—and help you become a successful beekeeper.

Getting bee pollen
Grafting (making the queen)
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