14 Advantages/Benefits of Colonic Irrigation

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The process of colonic irrigation, which is similar to enema, involves the act of cleansing the colon by introducing water through the rectum at a controlled pressure.

Just before the pressure resulting from water inside the colon reaches a point which causes discomfort, the flow of water is reversed and the wastes are removed from the body.

There are many suggested benefits of colonic irrigation as a method of cleansing the body.

  1. It may empty pockets and improve muscle contraction
  2. It may cleanse, tone and exercise the colon
  3. It may improve faecal transit time
  4. It may re-educate the colon, helping it return to its more original form
  5. It may balance the micro-flora ecosystem
  6. It may increase the absorption of nutrients through the colon wall
  7. It may decrease the enterotoxins from re-entering the body (leaky gut syndrome)
  8. It may decrease the risk of colon cancer by regular health maintenance
  9. It may improve circulation
  10. It may clean the toxins present in the intestines, especially as hardened waste materials are removed
  11. The process of colon cleanses may also help in strengthening the muscles which line the colon
  12. It may help in smoothening the process of peristalsis
  13. The bowel movement may become normal which helps in relieving problems like constipation
  14. There may be an improvement in the complexion of the skin
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