The Advantages of Micro Irrigation System

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Micro-irrigation systems have gained immense popularity for their efficiency and cost-effectiveness. It lists the advantages of the micro-irrigation systems below:

1. Saves water and produces higher yields

Micro-irrigation conserves water as they use pipes or underground tubes. It delivers water directly to the soil surface close to the plant roots – avoiding wastage of water through evaporation or flooding.

Micro-irrigation systems ensure uniform distribution of water by delivering water only wherever necessary. Finally, there will be less evaporation and runoff from both the soil and leaves. According to the experts, micro-irrigation compared to other irrigation methods uses between 30 to 50% less water.

Advantages of Micro Irrigation System
Micro Irrigation System

2. Ideal for all soils

The best part of the micro-irrigation system is that it suits every type of soil. For instance, clay soil requires a slow procedure to avoid surface water collection and runoff. It is possible through micro-irrigation. In addition – sandy soils, need higher emitter discharge rates to ensure sufficient wetting of the soil.

3. An easy way to undertake Fertigation and Chemigation

What is Fertigation?

Fertigation is a method that mixes fertilizer and water that deliver it into plants and crops via an irrigation system. This is a very efficient method as it prevents soil erosion. In other Words, it minimizes the risk of root-contracting and soil-borne diseases.

It also reduces water consumption, use of fertilizers and increases the number of nutrients absorbed by the plants.

What is Chemigation?

Chemigation is the application and delivery of crop chemicals- compost, soil enhancing remedies, growth regulators, sewage, and manure water using an irrigation system. Both these processes require an irrigation system that can distribute the fertilizer or chemical directly into the soil.

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This process also gave uniform distribution through the irrigation method. According to the surveys by experts, Micro Irrigation raises the efficiency of fertilizer and chemicals delivery by at least 35 %.

4. Reduction in resources needed

It is water efficient micro-irrigation helps in cut-down of the labors. One can achieve it via a tube and pipe mechanism-based system.

The automation of the system results in faster and healthier growth of plants and crops. Quick yields result in more immediate returns on investment.

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