The Type of Sprinklers Suitable for Your Farm

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Getting a Sprinkler System is now pretty easy considering that you can easily place your order online. However, the challenge comes in when choosing the right one. Here are some of the common Sprinkler Systems that you will find in the market today.

1. Hand-Held Sprinklers

As the name states, this is a hand-held aluminum pipe which you will connect to the water source and move it around to irrigate your farm. The system allows you to move the pipe manually as you water your garden or farm.

2. SolidSet Sprinklers

The system is easy to operate, and once installed, you will not need to move the pipes since they cover the entire area to be watered. However, solid-set sprinklers can hinder some garden operations like harvesting, cultivating, and even spraying.

3. Hand-Held Rain Guns

This system is similar to the hand–moved sprinkler irrigation system but the difference is that this system has replaced the usual low-volume sprinklers with a single or two high-volume large gun sprinklers.

4. Centre Pivots

This is a moving irrigation system, where the water is sprinkled along the length of the system pipes. This system is most suitable for gardens with a single crop such as vegetables or fruits. Here the cost of labor is low, but the installation costs could be higher.

5. Travelling Big Gun Sprinklers

This System is part of a big gun sprinkler that is fixed on a wheeled truck and linked with a plastic hose pipe on a reel. Larger acreage farms and their owners prefer using this system since it can efficiently irrigate the whole farm with minimal manual labor. You can water the whole of your farm within a very short time.

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