What Are the Disadvantages of Sprinkler Irrigation Systems?

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The major Sprinkler System downside is that it’s usually affected by climatic conditions, water sources, and expense. Even mild breeze can severely decrease the effectiveness of Sprinkler Systems by altering the distribution pattern of the water droplets.

Furthermore, when operating at high temperatures, water can evaporate at a fast rate degrading the effectiveness of the irrigation. Although Sprinkler Irrigation can benefit farmers and ensure water resources are used more efficiently, this technology depends on a clean source of water and therefore may not be suited to areas where rainfall and groundwater sources are limited.

The installation costs for Sprinkler Systems are also higher as compared to gravity-fed irrigation systems. In fact, the large labor force is needed to move pipes and sprinklers in a temporary arrangement. In some places, suitable labor may not be available and might also be highly-priced.

Mechanized Sprinkler Irrigation Systems have comparatively high energy demand, and thus this technology may not suitable for areas with limited or fluctuating power supply.

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