The Advantages and Disadvantages of Spray Center Pivot Irrigation

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Sprinklers are also known as sprinklers and sprinklers. It is very important in agriculture and water conservancy. The sprinkler is a kind of power machine, pump, pipeline, nozzle, mobile device and other facilities.

According to the sprinkler irrigation method, the integrated sprinkler irrigation equipment is used to spray the pressurized water to the low air, and after atomization, it falls to the crop and the ground surface uniformly like raindrops.

Spray Center Pivot Irrigation

The type and function of the sprinkler is also very extensive. Below we will talk about the advantages and disadvantages of the spray center pivot sprinkler.

The Advantages of spray center pivot sprinkler:

  • High degree of automation, which can save a lot of labor;
  • There is no need to level the land, saving a lot of money and reducing environmental damage;
  • The service life is usually more than 20 years, and the investment per unit area is moderate;
  • Low operating and maintenance costs.

The Disadvantages of spray center pivot sprinkler:

  • The sprinkler intensity at the end of the unit is usually greater than 100mm/h, which is easy to produce short-term surface runoff;
  • Without the ground angle (arm) system, the leakage spray area is large, accounting for about 25%; with the ground angle (arm) system, the investment per unit area is too high;
  • Dragging the transfer plot is not convenient.
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