10 Small Capital Farming Business Ideas

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Starting a business sometimes requires the right energy and ideas and needs to be thought out carefully so that the business can run successfully. Now, the agricultural sector has considerable potential to be used as a place to start a business. Here are some ideas that can be applied to start a small capital farming business but with big profits.

10 Small Capital Farming Business Ideas are:

1. Farmer Expert Blogger/Influencer

The first idea that can be applied to do a small capital farming business is to open a simple blog. You can fill the blog with posts that contain important information about agriculture and simple, powerful tips to help potential readers to understand everything about the world of farming.

However, being an expert farmer blogger or influencer is also not a fairly arbitrary thing to do. It requires in-depth knowledge and you must master the information so that it does not mislead the reader. However, because this business does not require too much capital, you can try to do it by trial and error.

2. Sell Plant Seeds

Small capital farming business which can be done by selling plant seeds. This one business idea can be said to be very efficient and no less profitable than other farming business ideas. Because, now many people are trying to get rid of their boredom by planting lots of plants.

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You can take advantage of these conditions by selling plant seeds that do not require too high a capital. You just have to make sure that the seeds you want to sell are of high quality and won’t die in the planting process. In addition, use suitable media to send the seeds they don’t dry out when they are sent to the buyer’s location. Selling plant seeds is a profitable agricultural business.

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3. Sell Gardening Tools

In addition to plant seeds, you can also sell gardening tools as another small capital farming business. These garden tools can consist of shovels, hoes, garden shears, and various other tools that are suitable for use in gardening. Many potential buyers are trying to find garden tools because they are very practical to use. Selling garden tools is a promising agricultural business.

4. Selling Compost Fertilizer

Compost is a fertilizer that is often used by many farmers to help their plants become more fertile and healthy quickly. This business of selling compost is very easy, because you only need to use household waste at home and turn the waste into fertilizer.

You can sell the fertilizer online or take advantage of the existence of social media so that you can reach many people who are interested in buying it. So that fertilizers do not cause unpleasant odors in the shipping process, use certain tools that can be used so that the fertilizers are stored neatly and safely.

5. Cultivating Hydroponic Plants

The idea of a small capital farming business with big profits that is now increasingly prevalent among the community is hydroponic plant cultivation which is so easy to practice. This method of farming without using soil media is considered very easy to do in everyday life, because we only need water mixed with nutrients.


You can cultivate these plants at home and get a fairly high business opportunity because the quality of the plants produced is likely to be higher than conventionally cultivated plants. For that, what are you waiting for and immediately do hydroponic plant cultivation so that you can get immediately profit.

6. Become a Content Creator about Agriculture

If you are a person who has high creativity and is able to juggle content about agriculture to be more interesting, then be a creative content creator from blogger or influencer. Especially if you have a fairly high level of knowledge about agriculture, so you can make videos containing animations or interesting information about agriculture.

However, if you don’t have a high level of knowledge about agriculture, this activity can still be done. For example, you can try to share your experience as a novice farmer in farming matters to potential content viewers. Sharing about experiences and actions in growing plants will make many people interested.

7. Make Culinary from Fruit

Making culinary products from fruits is a small-capital farming business idea that can then be implemented because it is an activity that does not take too much time. This activity also includes convincing, because we don’t have to wait too long in waiting for the plants to bear fruit because we can buy the ingredients ourselves.

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You can process fruits into delicious and tempting food or soft drinks. Surely there will be many people who are interested in trying the culinary flavors that you have made, so make dishes that use quality recipes. Some foods that can be used as inspiration are spinach chips, salak chips, jackfruit chips, mango chips, and others.

8. Growing Media Business

Starting a small capital farming business opportunity can be done with a few simple things, such as selling planting media. Some of the popular growing media for use by many people are humus, coconut fiber, roasted husks, and rice husks which can certainly be business opportunities with considerable potential.

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So that many people buy the planting media, it would be better if you set a price that is not too stifling so that buyers can be interested in having it. In addition, in the product description section, write down what materials you use in making the planting media so that they have an idea of whether the media is suitable for use.

9. Sell Ornamental Plants

Ornamental plants are also included in the small-capital agricultural business that brings high levels of profit, because many people today are interested in developing plants that can beautify their homes. Besides being placed at home, they are also trying to make the room look more attractive than before.

That’s why, you can try to sell ornamental plants so that they can attract the attention of many people. However, choose types of ornamental plants that have long been effective in making the room beautiful and trendy among buyers so that they will buy these plants from you.

10. Selling Kitchen Spices and Cooking Ingredients

The last small-cap agricultural business is by selling kitchen spices and cooking ingredients that can be processed yourself without need to spend a lot of money. You can get kitchen spice plants by growing at home, such as turmeric, candlenut, ginger, and so on. You can also process it into ready-to-eat cooking ingredients that are so practical.


Those are 10 small capital farming business ideas that you can apply yourself at home to earn big money. All of the agricultural businesses mentioned above are not too difficult to do, but without a big effort, the business will certainly not run smoothly. Therefore, make sure you do your best to make the business more popular.