Wahid Priyono, S.Pd
Riyo, S.Pd

Hello, my name is Riyo, S.Pd.  I come from in Indonesia (Lampung province). And i’m studied at University of Lampung (Biology Department). Our website https://www.1001artificialplants.com/ ideas will help you discover how to make the most of your garden with plants, flowers, garden buildings, pest and diseases, agriculture, horticulture, organic farming, furniture, gardening advice, gardening tips and landscaping ideas.

It is possible to use your garden as an extension to your home which you can enjoy all year around.

You will learn how to plant for all year round colour and how you can use your garden in winter as well as summer as well as picking up some handy garden secrets along the way!

There are literally hundreds of garden tips and ideas here. Take a look at the navigation bar to your left to navigate to what you are looking for.

Make gardening easy with our gardening tips and secrets….

You can also find out how to create a beautiful garden with low maintenance plants. If you don’t have much time to spend working on your garden this can be a good option.