The Ideal Bonsai Container For Your Bonsai Tree

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A Bonsai tree is seen as a living work of art. So, the bonsai container it grows in can enhance or detract from the beauty of the tree itself. The Japanese believe it is very important that one is harmonious with both man as well as nature.

It is essential that the tree retains a feeling of balance in the container to enhance its beauty and symmetry. If all of the elements work together, the tree and it’s container will be like a living work of art.

But, first and foremost there are practical considerations that have to be taken into account.

The pot size must be able to support the weight of the tree so that it does not fall or over balance. Bonsai trees are generally displayed on mantle pieces, ledges or tables so ensure that the tree is balanced in the container and is not going to become top heavy, otherwise it could easily tip over.

Take the time to calculate the overall style of the tree and consider what type or style of container would compliment it. Make sure the container fits the overall shape of the tree.

If the tree has been developed to cascade make sure the bonsai container will support and allow this so that the trees branches can fall below the edges of the container.

If you choose a bonsai container that is not big enough, the tree may be at risk of falling over. Bonsai trees are very delicate, so the container that you choose, must be selected with some care.

Also, consider how much soil can be placed into the container and, of course, the size of the actual tree. You will need to be sure that the tree will be able to grow comfortably in a two year span. Within 18 to 24 months, you will need to repot the tree and trim it’s roots.

To allow for drainage or spill over, make sure you have a hole in the bottom of the container with a screen. Make sure that the screen holes are large enough to allow drainage and prevent clogging a handy tip is to place some broken pot shards into the bottom of the container over the holes, this helps the container to retain moisture.

A tray should be placed under your container to catch any overflow of water. If you don’t give ther tree enough water it could die. Make sure the tray fits the container and that it is not too shallow or wide. it may be necessary to drain the tray of excess water from time to time. It is not a good idea to have the Bonsai soaking in water as that could also kill it.

The type of container you need may also depend on which type of tree you are growing. Floral and Fruit bearing trees are more tolerant of excess water so, it is better if the container allows for some over flow of water. Whereas Pine and Juniper trees tend to prefer a dry period, so make sure they are subject to excess watering.

Make certain that you have gathered enough information to make an educated choice regarding the type of tree you wish to grow and the best container to house it in. Some bonsai trees live to be 200 years old!