When to Sow Your Chili Crops

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In chili farming, the first step for farmers is to get your seeds ready by buying from an agriculture shop or getting them straight from previous harvest.

After you get your seeds, the next step would be sowing. Sowing chili seeds can be done directly on seedbeds combined with cattle manure fertilizer or you can use one of the known techniques like sterile-pro chili sowing, soil block system, or polybag system. Each has its own advantages.

Sterile-Pro Sowing Technique Produce Uniform Crop
Sterile-Pro Sowing Technique Produce Uniform Crop

Generally, the average time to sow for your chili crops is among these three important periods:

  •  Age 1 – 4 days when your seeds start to germinate and showing roots, plumula
  • Age 5 – 25 days when your seeds have germinated and been moved to white, transparent small polybags. This is when your chili crops need intensive care. Make sure to do your watering intensively and on schedule because this is the critical part of your crops’ growth and development. Your crops will also need sufficient nutrients and you can make sure they get them by adding fertilizer from rice straws or cattle manure with soil to fertilizer ratio 3 to 1
  • Age 26 days and above when your chili crops are ready to be moved to bigger medium like big seedbeds. At this age, your chili crops will have had complete organs like plentiful roots, stems, and leaves. For the next few days, take care of your chili crops the usual way with irrigation, fertilization, weeding and harrowing, and pest and disease control, and of course pole markers and mulch, etc
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Good luck!