6 Advantages and Disadvantages of Strip Irrigation Method

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In strip irrigation method, fields are divided into strips of different size. A boundary called ‘Med’ is formed to separate the strips. These strips are constructed according to the slope. The source of water is situated at the highest place in the field from where the whole field can get the flow of water.

The width of strips is decided as per quantity of water. More wastage of water is caused if strips are wider. Length of strip is decided by the slope of land and its structure. Effect of soil composition is also visible on it.

Advantages of Strip Irrigation System:

1. It is possible to irrigate more area at a lesser expenditure.

2. It requires less labour.

3. Method of irrigation is easy and it causes lesser erosion.

Disadvantages of Strip Irrigation System:

1. It is not suitable for all types of crops.

2. It is not possible to get balanced supply of water.

3. It is not suitable for all soil compositions.

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