8 Advantages and Disadvantages of Sprinkler Irrigation System

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This type simulates an artificial rain where a sprinkler expels water into the air, which by aerodynamic resistance turns into small droplets of water that fall on the soil and plants. Its main systems are the conventional, central pivot and self propelled.

of sprinkler irrigation system

Benefits/advantages of sprinkler irrigation system:

  • Low labor cost ;
  • High application efficiency ;
  • Efficiency and efficiency in the application of fertilizers , with fertigation ;
  • Better control of the irrigation blade;

Disadvantages of sprinkler irrigation system:

  • Increases disease development due to damp foliage;
  • High initial costs , energy and maintenance costs ;
  • Limited by wind and slope ;
  • It can cause damage to the soil , due to the drainage of water nearby.
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