The Advantages and Disadvantages of IoT in Agriculture

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Any technology available today has not reached to its 100 % capability. It always has a gap to go. So, we can say that Internet of Things has a significant technology in a world that can help other technologies to reach its accurate and complete 100 % capability as well.

Let’s take a look over the major, advantages, and disadvantages of the Internet of Things (IoT) in agriculture.

The Pros/Benefits/Advantages of IoT

Internet of things (IoT) facilitates the several advantages in day-to-day life in the business sector (for example in agricuture). Some of its benefits are given below:

  • Efficient resource utilization: If we know the functionality and the way that how each device work we definitely increase the efficient resource utilization as well as monitor natural resources.
  • Minimize human effort: As the devices of IoT interact and communicate with each other and do lot of task for us, then they minimize the human effort.
  • Save time: As it reduces the human effort then it definitely saves out time. Time is the primary factor which can save through IoT platform.
  • Enhance Data Collection:
  • Improve security: Now, if we have a system that all these things are interconnected then we can make the system more secure and efficient.

The Cons/Disadvantages/Drawbacks of IoT

As the Internet of things facilitates a set of benefits, it also creates a significant set of challenges. Some of the IoT challenges are given below:

  • Security: As the IoT systems are interconnected and communicate over networks. The system offers little control despite any security measures, and it can be lead the various kinds of network attacks.
  • Privacy: Even without the active participation on the user, the IoT system provides substantial personal data in maximum detail.
  • Complexity: The designing, developing, and maintaining and enabling the large technology to IoT system is quite complicated.
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