Garden Sheds For Gardener

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As any gardener knows, it takes a host of specialized tools and gear—spades, trowels, shears, gloves, and the like—to do the cultivating, weeding/hoarding, transplanting, and pruning that plants require.

A garden shed offers a dedicated place to keep it all, plus lawn-care equipment and supplies, away from the unrelated clutter in most garages.

But a shed can be much more than a mere storage locker. It can serve as a focal point on your property, adding a defining element to your garden. It offers a pleasant space for puttering and potting, starting seeds, propagating cuttings, and dividing plants to share with friends. And it can be a snug, peaceful escape from the demands of a schedule-crammed life, and a place to commune with the outdoors.


In order to function at its full potential, no matter its size, a garden shed needs a few key features: at least one window—operable, ideally—to let in light and views and fresh air; enough floor space and headroom to allow you to stand up and walk around; and a worktable of some kind, for tinkering with plants or doing garden-tool maintenance.

Beyond providing for those basics, let your imagination be your guide. As you’ll see in the following pages, these houses-in-miniature inspire outsize creative expression. “I’m now the proud owner of a truly purpose built shed,” says Karen (Jetty Boating – NSW), as quoted from the site:

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