Ideal Conditions and Temperature for Growing Sugarcane

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Sugarcane is a kharif crop and requires hot and humid climate. For favorable growth sugarcane needs a temperature of 21 – 27 degree Celsius and Rainfall between 75 –150 cm.  It grows in different types of soil which can retain moisture and belong to bamboo family.

Loamy soil enriched with  Nitrogen, Calcium and Phosphorous is ideal for sugarcane but it should not be too acidic or alkaline.  For effective irrigation and transportation plain or level plateau is preferred for growing sugarcane.  Sugarcane requires cheap abundant labour and need heavy manures and fertilizers.

Sutlej-Ganga plain from Punjab to Bihar contains 51% of the total area and 60% of the country’s total production. Brazil is the leading producer of sugarcane in the world, followed by India in second place.

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